UAE publishes long awaited Cabinet Decisions on Free Zones and Medical Supplies

The Designated Zones are special zones for VAT purposes which are generally considered outside of the UAE for VAT purposes. While VAT applies throughout the UAE, in the Designated Zones VAT generally does not apply. Only fenced free zones with special controls on goods and services going in and out could benefit from this status. As expected, important free zones such as JAFZA, DAFZA and KIZAD are on the list.

The wait for these decisions has caused a lot of confusion with importers, exporters, clearing agents and forwarders. It is good that clarity has been brought.

The other long awaited cabinet decision is on medical supplies. Certain supplies of medication and medical equipment which are registered with the Ministry of Health can benefit from a zero rate. This however does not extend to services related to medical equipment although hospitals often rent equipment. The practical issues with registering goods with MoH shall now also have a tax impact.

Both decisions work retroactively back to 1 January 2018. This means that quite a number of invoices need to be corrected, as VAT will have been applied on certain imports and sales in the DZ’s and on medical supplies. Unduly invoiced VAT is not deductible.