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Aurifer GCC Tax Certificate

in collaboration with Middlesex University Dubai​

The Aurifer GCC Tax Certificate is the first executive program on taxation in the Gulf region and has been operating since 2022. Brought by and endorsed by qualified professionals and academics in the field, the program offers a comprehensive overview of tax systems in the GCC countries and the UAE in particular.

The Certificate covers fundamentals of direct and indirect taxation in GCC countries, including Corporate Tax, VAT, Excises, and Customs. The program also comprises modules on selected items of international taxation, focusing on their interplay with tax systems in the GCC countries and the UAE in particular.

These modules are carefully designed to explain how global tax practices connect with the specific tax system of the GCC, especially in the UAE. The executive program includes 16 sessions and 48 hours of lectures and offers a valuable learning opportunity.

The program is led by respected Co-Chairs and a team of experts from well-known law and accounting firms. The Aurifer GCC Tax Certificate is essential for tax practitioners, government officials, and ambitious professionals who want to excel in the changing tax environment of the Gulf region.

The program is offered annually. To register, please refer to the detailed information available on the Middlesex University website via the following link: Aurifer GCC Tax Certificate | Middlesex University Dubai